Find out more about Acudetox Plus UK.

Ear acupuncture…

Ear (auricular) Acupuncture is based on the micro-system of it’s surface, which by Chinese tradition has been mapped to represent different parts of the body, including vital organs.

Held in high regard by practitioners and clients alike, ear acupuncture has been found to be particularly effective in supporting the treatment of addiction and promoting recovery from the harm which substance misuse can cause.

Who we are…

Acudetox Plus UK was established as a non-profit organisation in early 2003, with the initial focus being on training drug & alcohol support workers in the theory, practice and benefits of providing ear acupuncture as part of a treatment plan to their clients. 

In keeping with a more recently recognised need for increased service user involvement in drug treatment strategies, we are also firmly committed to training as many ready-to-learn service users as possible to become practitioners themselves. 

For nearly two decades, Acudetox plus UK has delivered its courses to various projects across the world, from Salisbury, UK to a rehabilitation centre in Nepal.

Our steering group…

Acudetox Plus UK is governed by a steering group all of whom have a particular interest in auricular acupuncture and the treatment of substance misuse. The members represent various local drug and alcohol projects, trainers and service users in a voluntary capacity.

Mission statement…

We aim to train people in auricular acupuncture to a high professional standard without prejudice. This training will supply transferable and sustainable skills which will have a positive impact for both the individual and the wider community.

What makes us unique…

Many of our previous students are now providing ear acupuncture services of their own, whilst others have gone on to find full-time employment with various substance misuse service providers and organisations.

In 2008 we introduced the use of ear acupuncture as a treatment for addiction to Krakow, Poland. In total we taught twenty-one people (including service users) in the theory and practice of it. People arrived from a number of cities throughout Poland to participate in this initiative, which was enthusiastically received and much appreciated.

We plan to make this an annual event by returning to reassess those we have already trained and also to offer training to others. With thanks to Oxford Medical Supplies (our recommended suppliers) we continue to supply new needles to Polish based projects, where limits to funding has diminished their ability to develop this initiative further.

In 2011 two of our trainers visited Kathmandu, Nepal to teach a group of people at the Ric-Rose Rehabilitation Centre on the outskirts of the city. Previously, ear acupuncture for the treatment of addiction was largely unheard of in Nepal, however, we successfully trained 22 people in Stage 1 of our courses.

Thanks to the generosity of Balance Healthcare we were able to supply the centre with enough needles, magnets and sharp bins to administer several thousand treatments.

Since 2003, Acudetox Plus UK has had the privilege of training over 650 people in Stages 1 and 2 (both modules) and three people in Stage 3: Advanced Level. 

We currently supply training in Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Weston-Super-Mare, Devizes and South Wales. We also welcome expressions of interest in our courses from elsewhere in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.